CP006E Reviews

Reviewer: Victor

Comment: "The best water I've tasted", this not only came from me, but from a friend who visited us and tried the water.

Reviewer: Danielle

Comment: “I love my Cleansui Water Filter Jug. I prefer my drinking water room temperature so I have my jug on the shelf above my sink - it’s great to know that I have healthy water at my fingertips. It’s easy to refill and easy to use. Having seen how effectively it filters the rubbish from tap water, I am a convert. Thanks Cleansui!

Reviewer: Andrea

Comment: While tap water in Melbourne may be relatively clean it does have quite a strong chlorine taste and smell to it. Using the jug eliminates all tastes and even odours from the water.The taste of the water filtered by the jug is very sweet and fresh. The shape makes it perfect to store in the fridge when you need chilled water to mix in cordial and other drinks. We have been asked by our guests where we got the jug from as they love the fresh pure tasting water! The jug is also a handy size and light enough for my 9 year old to refill! And it also gives me the peace of mind that the water is clean, filtered and perfectly safe for my kids to drink.

Reviewer: Fiona Lucas - iRespectOnline

Comment: Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love my water, and that I’m pretty fussy about it too. I really cannot stand tasting chlorine in water! One of my favourite items I have in the kitchen is my Cleansui 2.1L filter jug.  It fits perfectly in the door of the fridge and produces beautiful clean and fresh tasting water.  A really great feature is the “countdown” button on the top that lets you see how many refills you have left. The water filters pretty quickly too, after initial priming of the filter. With around 200 litres from one filter, the cost of a litre of fresh pure water is around 16c – much better than drinking bottled water! If you don’t want to be drinking unwanted bacteria and chemicals then this is the perfect filter jug for you. (It does not filter fluoride at this stage however).  I have used other jugs and found they often tended to build up a bit of film in them if you didn’t keep an eye on them.  I have not had any issues with the Cleansui, it really does seem to stop bacteria and other  buildup.  I never recommend products that I don’t love myself – and If you love fresh clean then I think you will love water from the Cleansui jug.


Reviewer: Marita

Comments: The Cleansui jug is fantastic, we have really rusty water that is undrinkable without filtering. Once the rusty water is filtered through our Cleansui jug it comes out crystal clear. We've tried other brands of water filter jugs in the past but none match up to the ease of use and effectiveness of the Cleansui water filter jug.

Reviewer: Tess

Comments: I love my Cleansui Jug, it's slim width fits easily into my fridge and the overall capacity is a fantastic size for my family.  The water looks and tastes clean and the refill counter is wonderful to make sure I change the cartridge on time.  I would highly recommend this product.

Reveiwer: Sylvia (Winner of a Jug)

Comments: We started using the Cleansui Water Filter Jug straight after the brunch. It was easy to set up and was great as its size fits our fridge. We make a habit to drink water and my son noticed immediately that the water tasted different. I asked him if it was for the better and as a 4 year old his response was it tasted clean. There is definitely a different in taste and to be honest it makes it easier to drink. Even my husband who isn't a water drinker noticed that it was a better taste. Knowing that my kids are drinking clean water makes it less of a worry that I am doing the best for them. They even replace the water and prefer to drink from the jug and not the tap. Especially if there isn't any cool water in the fridge. The kids always like putting in the water and try to see if they can see it filter. Sometimes they say they can see the germs disappear as it goes through the filter but I guess it is their imagination. Since using the Cleansui Water Filter Jug we will never go back to tap water. We would love if you brought out a Bottle suitable for kids to take to school.