CP002E Reviews

Reviewer- Omura
Comments- My water's taste improved dramatically!

Reviewer- Wanmam
Comments- It was easy to use and the instructions were easy to follow. My husband and I were amazed at the clean and pure taste. I can not quit using it now!

Reviewer- Mark Mori
Comments- It's very easy to use

Reviewer- Kosayo Thomas
Comments- The detailed instructions were very helpful. I like the design- very compact and space saving.

Reviewer- C.F
Comments- First of all, I was amazed at the taste improvement! I drank a local brand's bottled water a few days ago and I couldn't keep drinking it because of the awful taste. On the other hand, Cleansui water was so tasty!

Reviewer- Sachiko
Comments- This model is so compact and I can store it in my refrigerator so easily.

Reviewer- Kojo
Comments- Very easy to use. It is a great space saving design for my refrigerator.

Reviewer- Soramame
Comments- The simple design meant it was so easy to use.

Reviewer- Okuda
Comments- Easy to use. If I compare it to well-known water purifier brands, Cleansui can purify the water more quickly and the taste of the water is out of this world! It is so compact and good to put into the door of the fridge.

Reviewer- Aqua
Comments- Preparation is so easy! I have never seen such a slender design of water purifier. It saves space in my refrigerator and looks great. In addition, the capacity is perfect for me, so it is very useful overall.

Reviewer- Naoko
Comments- Easy to use!

Reviewer- Tom
Comments- Simple. Easy to use. I like its design.

Reviewer- Hanapon
Comments- I am usually not so good at assembling things, but there is never any problem with Cleansui!

Reviewer- Hiyoko
Comments- The calendar dial is handy to remind me of the cartridge changing time. The size is great for the refrigerator. We can drink cold, tasty water all the time, so my family (especially my husband) loves it very much. I have used other well known brands of water purifiers, but Cleansui is better in taste.

Reviewer- Nakano
Comments- Easy to prepare and use. I can hold it easily with one hand and it's a great size for a crowded refrigerator. 

Reviewer- Yumiko
Comments- Very handy.

Reviewer- Asako Suzuki
Comments- It is easy to grip and the design is nice also. It is a great accessory for my kitchen.

Reviewer- Honoka
Comments-  Easy to use and it is so light, so it is easy to wash also.

Reviewer- Harebare
Comments-  Easy to use.

Reviewer- E.E.
Comments-  Easy to use

Reviewer- Brown
Comments-  The detailed visual instructions makes this jug very easy to set up and use. And I love the design of the lip very much. The lid is so simple as I can pour the purified water without opening and closing it.

Reviewer- Wallaby You
Comments-  Tall and stylish

Reviewer- Y.C.
Comments-  Cartridge installation, washing, opening and closing- everything is so easy to do. I love the design very much. My friend said that she has not seen such a style of water purifier in the supermarket before and that the design is great.

Reviewer- Kondo
Comments-  Set up and usage is so easy. I love the simple design.

Reviewer- Nguyen
Comments-  Easy preparation. It is compact and good for the door of my refrigerator. 

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