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Introducing our latest arrivals featuring the best of both worlds... Japanese technology with Italian design. This stylish range of Guzzini designed water filter jugs using Cleansui's advanced microfiltration system to improve the quality of your tap water. They are jugs that fit elegantly in the centre of the dining table and provide clean and great-tasting water every time.

Featuring a unique dual cartridge filtration system which removes limescale in addition to the hollow fibre membrane filter which removes micro particles such as bacteria, algae, fungi, cryptosporidium and metal particles such as rust and lead.

The entire range of Guzzini jugs and cartridges are on sale for Mother's Day 2017, with great savings, and free postage. Click the banner above to view the range.

Replacement cartridge bulk buy special

Are you always forgetting to replace your Cleansui filters? Why not buy in bulk? Not only will you have your replacement cartridge on-hand when it's time to switch over, but you'll also save $$ with our bulk purchase savings. Buy 2 or more cartridges and you'll save automatically when you check out.

2 cartridges will save you 5%; 3 cartridges will save you 10% and 4 cartridges will save you a whopping 15% of the single unit pricing.

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